1966 Coupe TS250
Restored 2011-2012

In may 2011 I found this car in Umeå in the north part of Sweden.
It was looking OK condition, but it needed a total restauration for beeing perfect

Small Car!!

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Video from splitting the car.

The Chassis

Main parts

Chassis without body

Welding and priming the chassis

Painting the chassis

Spareparts from Uwe Staufenberg

Everything putting together

First testrun

 The Body

The body was totaly full of rust, and it seems to been “fixed” a lot of time before, so there was only one way to fix it noe, buld everything from the beginning.

The bodys weight is about 50kg, and I has to replace 18 of them

The chassis was painted two times, first time  inside before it was mounted to the chassis.

I was happy to do the finishwork at Lakkomaniet in Fredrikstad


Repainted inside and outside

Light green: G2/G109  Mist green Dupont  w/modified recipt
Dark dreen:  G3/G313 Wedgewood green Dupont

Here is some study-picture from a Coupe who Uwe Staufenberg owns.
This is a orginal low-miler and show how the cas was orginal:

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