Heinkel Trojan 200 1962
Restored 2010-2011

In november 2010 I found this car in the south part of Sweden.
It was in good condition, and it actualy needed only some smaller repair.
After some time I found that I would restore this to the same standard as our other cars,
so just now it is picked down to molecyles. The chassis was welded and get new blue  paint.
Not the nicest color on this car, but still orginal color.
This car has a chassisnumber begins with XB, that mean the car is build for Sweden and was orginal blue.

The first date in Sweden

Picked up the Trojan together with a Isetta from the same area

Cleaning up after 500km in snow and mud

Some welding and stripping the paint from the flor and buttom

New paint in orginal light blue color

Then startet the assembling

The engine and rearaxle needed only som makup

Together again

In big company

The Trojan logo tell us this is a English version


Heinkel vs Isetta

Don’t let your friend test your car 🙂