Isetta 3

This is a orginal Convertible 1958 who is restored more than 20 years ago, but never finished, and has been on storage since then.
This car is under progress now, and will be stripped down again, and restored as factory-new.
When we restored the car, a photo from Drammen 1961 popped up, and the car already then had the box on the top,
so we decided to restore the car back to Norwegian vertion with the bacerybox

When I ppen the motor ,I found that the pin bushing was incorrect mounted.
The piston has been dry, and has to be changed. The cylinder was OK.

Frame painted and rearaxle mounted

New brakepipes and pumps.

New shocks
“New” Wheels sandblasted and painted, new tires and tubes

Convertible versionWith luggage box

Splitted in two

The body was painted by Lakkspesialisten Fredrikstad

Here is the picture from 1961 in Drammen….. something you recognize?:

The man!

tilbake hos lakkerer’n for å vise resultatet….