Lincoln Highway Across USA 2013

In 2013 we did our longest trip ever.
We shipped the 1959 Messerschmitt to New York and run the car to San Francisco
Here is a blog from the trip.
I 2013 tok vi til nå vår lengste reise.
Vi sendte 59 Messerschmitten til NewYork  og kjørte bilen helt til San Francisco
Under bildene er bloggen som ble til under reisen

Washington July 4. Parade


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The car was shipped from Gôteborg in Sweden to Newark. There our own people moved them to the hotelgarage*

Start at Time Square Manhattan New York

  • 01/07/2013 

Just before the start in New Jersey. The weather was fine until just before we were to start, when it started and raining profusely, something that did much of the first day
We had a police escort to NewYork border and drove through the Lincoln tunnel to Manhattan. The goal was Time quare, which is one end of the Lincoln Highway.
We doubted whether we at all would run into sntrum in the rush on a Monday morning, but we found out that it was now we were there, and we should run for NY center, we had to do it now. The rest of the first day’s stage went to Philadelphia via well-trafficked roads, where every other car as a mobile camera sticking out of the windows when we passed each other. All the cars completed lap today, although some Hade some cooling problems.

Thomas Edison museum

It’s on he house …

  • 03/07/2013 

Yesterday we were looking for something fun. It rained buckets, and it was not possible to see the road. Window wiper could not take away and the windows fogged again inside.
We passed a car equipment, and then came that we were to buy a wind below agent called Rainoff. Not that it stops raining for that reason, but the water will blow easier av. We asked the clerk if he had, but after seeing Messersmitt outside, he recommended an agent removing fogging on the inside.
We chose to put one of each bottle on the counter along with a large microfiber towel which we cut up. When we were paying la shop manager visit their card on top, and said:
It’s on the house! Suddenly, everyone who worked there and took business image while customers had to wait until they were ready. Credit to Auto & Truck Part somewhere by Edison in NewJersey ……


How many Asians …

  • 03/07/2013

Today we had a day of rest without distance driving. Have adjusted and refilled oils so we are ready for tomorrow.
We will then first drive to Washington, and then a long way to Pittsburg after we have run July 4th parade.

Today tried also to find out how many Asians who needed to wash a microcar.
This was litle  a family business where everyone was working


4th of July parade in Washington DC

  • 04/07/2013

Standing ready to run on the Mall, Capitol Hill in the background

Waiting to enter the parade area.

Surely this is the United States?

Vidar Buflod, Sarpsborg in his Cadillac in 1960 heading up the street parade

about. 800,000 people along the route

This was just the craziest we’ve done with the car!
We started early in the morning and reached Washington after taking the highway in 90km / h.
The cars were collected in a street and piloted into the Mall, the large open space in the middle of Washington.
There was everything organized in typical American show, with lots of organizers and police.
We drove in two rows up parade street and it was wild much people there.
Americans responding to a completely different way than us, with clapping, waving, and a huge unison WOW every time we lifted up the door.
Mary-Ann was trying to concentrate on driving, while I sat behind and filmed and was doorman.
Had we received 10 cents for each of the pictures that were taken of us this hour, villle we could fund the whole trip.

Washington tour was added after the main route of the tour was added, so we got a long walk to the hotel after the parade, and therefore chose to run highway in well himself until Pittsburg.
Almost there, just before 23PM , came the mass lights and sirens behind us and we were waved through by a police car.
We lacked a backlight, ….
The policeman was nice and said that he had never stopped anything like this before … which we believed.

On the road again

  • 06/07/2013

Today we are a bit tired after a lot of driving, sun and experiences and this day should not stage being so terribly long.
The day started with a trip down to Pensylvania

During the day we stopped at a yard where an elderly man had restored some fine American yellow beads, and we got a little tour.
Lincoln Highway as we try to follow, is sometimes replaced, rebuilt or moved you.
In Pensylvania has been preserved parts of the original 100 year old road, ten and with the orginle cobbles

The roads are marked with an L

Original cobblestones of the road was built


A long day …

  • 07/07/2013

Today we have to drive 380km from Canton, Ohio and Fort Wayne.
We had nothing special on the program, but would run the original road all the way, enjoy the day and what it offered.

We were contact Randy McMillen which has a 61 Messerschmitt, and who wanted to follow us partway.
We met him on the road and talked a little and ran with him a one and  ahalf hour. A pleasant meeting with a micro-enthusiast.

On the road became aware of a nice old muesums- gasstation which was refurbished.
The garage next door was OPERATIONS 6 days a week, but any car repair shop:

With nearly 80 cars on the road screwed it on cars here tonight here. Brakes, engine replacements, exhaust and seals ….
Today we had to open the bonnet too. The car cheated part under control signals, but a small blow in the main jet in the carburetor was what was supposed to.

Tomorrow we take a service we also: Adjusting brakes and replace the hose in the deck behind leaking a bit. But before we will one of the world’s finest automobile museums, Auburn.


When we arrived at the hotel in Canton came to visit than micro-friend Herb D LaPorte from Ohio, with its exhibition Schmitt.

a slightly sad day …

  • 07/09/2013

Yesterday we looked us that we were visiting Auburn Dusenberg Museum, which was located a half hour drive from our hotel in Fort Wayne.
We should have a common departure with all the cars and run together down there.
On the way out of the parking lot happening that should not be done, we get one of the other cars running right rear of Messerschmitten, and it jumps suddenly a meter ahead. One of the drivers in the other Norwegian cars were inattentive and then slammed it.
Rear part of the car was pushed, and despair, anger and sadness were fighting in the head. It boiled a little in top then ….
No one does this on purpose, and we eventually talked out with the other driver who was also in despair and clearly marked.
Messern’ve had some injuries, but is executable, and we would not want this to affect neither our holiday experience, or the other’s experience, although we are reminded of it every time we see the car.
We will try to overall damage over here, if we’re able to obtain a new rump, if not we have got a nice message from Sweden that a new rear end is ready there.
After we had been at the museum, (coming more on this later) and we were back at the hotel, we should reverse the car into the parking lot, locked motor itself totally, and we thought it was sheared.
It was just taking the engine out of the car and start to dismantle. It turns out that a screw had come loose, probably because bang from behind earlier, and wedged cooling fan which sits on the crankshaft. The engine was all right 🙂 The evening was spent for installation and adjustment of brakes, and preparing for the next day. Today has been a transport stage through to Chicago, with a lot of fun to see along the way. Struggling slightly with consequential from the knock and we had to, inter alia, into getting welded baksjermen who had cracked attached and lay rattled. The car otherwise runs as cool, and no problems.
We also stopped for the second time by the police, who wondered where they came from Skiles, and was a little worried that we would be driving on highway, so he wondered examination of just what the speed of our car was. Etter¨å have convinced him that there was no problem, it was up to the evidence, and followed him several miles away across the high road.

Temperatures etc of the trip is around 30C, and it changes between sun and rain all the time, ie ceilings, roofs on

Museum in Auburn

The most distinguished brands in american history was Cord, Auburn and Duse Berg.
This is huge vehicle, and when one can see these in the original sales salon with Italian marble and decoration, does not make the experience worse.
Here are not only the huge cars, but also the original drawings, tools and furniture from prouksjonstiden.

Chicago, The Windy City

  • 07/10/2013

Today we had a day of rest, and find ourselves a little outside Chicago.
Most here took buses and trains into the city center, while we took the little yellow tourist bus with room for two.
I’ve been to Chicago a few years back and we drove in the places that I remember best.
Downtown is relatively large, then it is okay with your own vehicle.
Chicago is a city that is easy to like. It is airy, enormous amount of fine buildings and friendly people.

Willis Tower

The Messeschmiitt under “underground” that went up in the air

Chicago City

View from 103. floor Willis Tower (Sears Tower)

Some familiar TV faces. (Pawn Stars in Chicago)

Back at the hotel stood the cars on display, and some people came with their classic cars or simply viewed

We are with, sit and “lying” in the evenings,
Here Uwe and Raph with its “wine-cooler” Goggomobil

From town to country

  • 07/12/2013

Yesterday’s stage went from Chicago to Cedar Rapid Iowa. From driving several hours on the city map, began it to be more rural eventually.
We drove most of the old original Lincoln Highway, which goes through all the villages.
Here vr several places met up sight desires who had heard about fit in, and journalists and radio reporters Interviu us.

After crossing the impressive Missisipi River which nearly US shares in half, we came into Iowa and ran a stop by “The American Pickers” from the Discovery Channel headquarters.
The boys were looking at filming that day, but we did at least seen on the premises and a part of the objects we recognize from the TV series.

The stage was part longer than described in the itinerary, so we did not come in to the hotel before dark had announced their arrival.
The car had behaved a little bad at the end of the day, in that it cheated part.
A cleanse carburetor did not help, so we decided to try to change carburetor from resevemotoren we deal with.
This is to eliminate / note error. The bug was still there, and after a bit of debugging it turned out that one of the lines to the modified ignition system, sent over to ground inside the engine. After it was arranged it went as it should.

The evening was also to contain a oversakelse and it was King Olav old Cadillac that has now been restored over here and was showcased for the first time.

Dare. 07/11/2013

Today’s stage would last for just over 3 hours, and went on fine old roads.

We drove among Anne visited a restored gas station which was in operation from 1926 to the end of the 60s

Along the way, we often find places where it says interssante things, and we turn back, we are always welcome.
Here one that had some cars and who collected old besinpumper

As time has passed, our car has become a sort of mascot, which almost no one believed would be able to complete the stages here.
Now get the applause when we come into the hotel for the evening, and we have not yet been the last man inside. It goes like a bullet right now.They others are very surprised pace ours.
We are located 50-55 m / h (90km / h) on the long plains, and then we have even more to give, if necessary.
In uphills dabber obviously bit off, we’ve got under 11hk when

When evening comes, sitting most outside the hotel together and talking.
Prying random spectators and those who have heard we will be, drop by, often with their own classic vehicle or to have a chat.

  • 07/14/2013
We started in Iowa and ran into NebraskaWe have now run in two days virtually without fluctuate
Have never been so tired of driving that yesterday, and this when we just ran straight ahead.
The blow quite a bit, and the wind came in at a slant from the left, so I had to surf against the wind all the time.
When we encounter trucks, (which it vr many) comes a wind cool before it suddenly becomes a vacuum so you are dragged towards wagon train, only to encounter side wind again.
There are some strange antics in the car every time it comes something big. With five hours at a stretch in nearly 40 degrees C, it takes on the body.
We were passing some small museums along the asset, otherwise it was mostly trans-mail in otherwise dull landscape.
Much of the old road are small detours from the main road. Here a small video of Uwe from Germany that we brought with us in his rare little Goggomobil Pickup: Today we knew that a would be hot, but not THAT hot. The thermometer crept gradually over 40C in the shade. Many of the cars had problems with cooling, and fuel supply.
We got back an error we had previously, by a wire to the electronic tenningssytemet sent to ground inside the engine.
We stopped to refuel at a department, and should fix the error, then I managed the feat to pull cord straight of the circuit board inside the motor.
It was many hours to service the car came after us, so we were a bit desperate. It could be solved with a soldering iron and tin, but it is not a commodity in dagligvren we stood. Tried with a lighter, but it was not hot enough. As usual there are always curious onlookers when we park and we sat and chatted with a man who eventually went off. We found no solution to the problem, before the man suddenly reappeared with skjøtelednng, soldering iron and tin !! Thank you!Is it any old cars on utsisen workshops we pass, we stick our back, and it’s amazing how much is here.On the otherwise tedious way we have run today, the Mary-Ann sat back and counted carriages on the trains that pass !!
They are insanely long and holds slightly less speed than us. A passage of a train could easily take half an hour, and it rarely less than 10 min. until the next train arrives.
Each train usually had two locomotives left, and one that pushed behind.

In Kearnley we took a visit to a large car museum, where they had a lot of nice cars. Even a Messershmitt they had built.

It keeps popping up something funny behind …..

…. While others are in the field.

We knew these two days would be stalling, and now we look forward only to run into the Rocky Mountain.
But first we Cheyenne where we will stay a few days.
We have now run about half stretch in the official section.

Right in cowboy country

  • 07/18/2013

We are now in Cheyenne, Wyoming as of old by an India nerby, and later also a city for defense.
Here in the city, the group split into three, one drove to Mount Rushmore, another down to Colorado to climb a mountain with cars, while the third group, where we are with, was here in Cheyenne.
Here are everyday clothes cowboy hat, plaid shirt and jeans, and boots, regardless of temperature. Anyone not wearing it, are tourists.
Although license plates tell what perishes.

And the store is the variety:

We’ve had some run-free days, that we run around a bit, but not distances.
It allows us to go around and look at life here.
We have been one of America’s buffalo farms, where we got a close encounter with the big beasts who ate from your hand.

Yesterday we came across something unusual:
We had again weld rearfenderafter the crash earlier and found a workshop in an alley. He could not weld, but could certainly ask his brother who was at 5 min away.
He said ok with the  to repair it, and while we went, he wondered who owned the workshop we would peek a little on “rear-room”.
We therefore Standing on a backyard workshop in the middle of Cheyenne, and then opened the door to the back room, and there, a whole museum of cash registers, petrol pumps, musical instruments etc.

This year Tonight we Crusing with the local car enthusiasts here.
Altogether there were well over 100 vehicles turned up in the evening.

Rust is interesting, at least when it’s not on your own car.
Today we took a ride on the local Bilskrot, which is one of the most neat and clean we have seen.
They had a special section for classic and it was in the part we took a walk.

Next week there will be an annual large wild-west event here, and the city bears little signs of it.
We did get into the festival grounds, and did look a little rodeo and looked a bit the surroundings of such an event before it all started.

We should really be here one day, but because the next stage is very long and steep (over the Rocky Mountains), some of us start the next leg in the morning, take an overnight Rawlings, and being overtaken by the rest of the next day . We are around 2000m altitude now and it felt good at the small two-stroke engine we use. It really should have had a little artificial respiration to function optimally when the air is so thin.

From prairie to wild nature in Rocky Mountain

  • 07/21/2013

Stage that would go from rest days in Cheyenne, we thought was a bit too long for us.
Some of us chose to take from the other one day tiidligere on your own, and take a overnight refuge in between.
Cheyenne went way over the mountain, which was the route highest at 7,500 feet.

Security is at the top during the roadworks: Wait for a support vehicle!

On the old roads that currently have only local traffic, there were some ghost towns and some places that had not changed in many years.
An occasional store also existed, but it was part mil between each.

Gasoline from old pumps, antique and sausages ……

One of the places we stopped, had an old hotel that we were allowed to look around in.
It was built before 1920 and was never restored, so the interior and wallpaper was identical to when was built.
Even crank phone hanging in the hallway.
The hotel was still in operation. This was absolutely amazing to experience.
Much atmosphere and ghosts in the walls there.

Cabinetmaker here seems has grown tired of the neighbor’s tuba game

The landscape along the roads, really right from Iowa, Nebraska and Wayoming is really a boring long prairie, but as we get closer Utah, change the nature of a little flell and heights. It is our first encounter with Rocky Mountain.

Almost at the border between Wyoming and Utah are Evanston, where we would have the next accommodation.
Here we were invited for breakfast in the machine-hall by an old engine shed, which had turntable for turning locomotives to the correct stall.
The halls were now under restoration, and should be filled gradually with all comunity business, city hall and police.

After breakfast we began the trip toward Mormons city Salt Lake City.

After Gresen to Utah changed nature dramatically !!

Mountains and insanely long descents made driving difficult for us with 2-stroke engine
that must have gas in the downhills and with brake drums the size of coffeecups.
Down the slopes wild never end. Salt Lake City is located in a large valley between towering mountains

On one of detours ours came to a real collector. He had MUCH.
In true “American Picker” style (note the t-shirt), we went through several floors with gold and scrap

The temperature was over 40C.
Rarely have I felt more stress in traffic than on highway’s here.
It is insanely fast and lots of files and floors with roads, and with a GPS that had fallen asleep,
and fuel which said that it was empty, this was not fun.

Having arrived at the hotel, which was very good, made a return trip to the city.
This is one of the finest urban centers we have seen.
We took a trip up to the Capitol of Utah, and a tour of the center, a visit to the Tabernacle in Temple Square.

Tonight it was also time for an oil change and a little maintenance service before the trip tomorrow go out on the salt flats.
stay tuned!


Through salt, the sand

  • 07/25/2013


From city life in Salt Lake CIty, today’s goal Flip Over Nevada. First trip went along Salt Lake,
how many salt factories are located, before we climbed up into the mountains again. .
Much monotonous nature before we came to the salt deserts. Here it looked like it was snowing but with 35C degrees, this was a bit strange.
Furthermore, we came to the Bonneville saltflats, and would give us a ride on Raceway.

Here it set numerous speed records. Unfortunately had rained so much before we arrived that the plain was too soft to run on.
We then got taken a trip out salt plains to take some pictures.

The hotel we would stay corpse lying over Gresen to Nevada, where we spent the night at a Casino Hotel.

Nevada allowed to Casino, but not neighboring states. Therefore, it becomes along the borders of neighboring states formed many casinos and hotels here.

The next morning would all meet at Wendover Airfield in photography, Saad was a trip back to Utah again.
The airport is probably best known for the atomic bombs that were Luppe over Japan in 1945 was uploaded here.
Much of the movie Conair is also recorded here.

Later we run a relatively long entappe, in deserted landscape in up to 45C.
It was so hot in Messerschmitten that it was not enough to remove sidewindows,
so we took out a headlamp to get into a little more air inside.

Let also a hose from the underside of the car to get cooling the carburetor who have complained a bit of heat in recent days.
The modifications appear on schedule. Carburetor cheating not and the driver can keep both head and legs cold.

In Ely, the group was divided in three different hotels, and we bl lying on the old hotel Nevada from 1923.

The next day would become one of the tour’s longest stages, so we started at. 6 in the morning to avoid the heat,
and parts of the line was so deserted that we have way with extra drinks and a dunk with extra gasoline.
This would normally also become the warmest, but some clouds made a little more comfortable.
We got a breakfast box at the end of town, which was to lunch a little later in the day.

Only a few sleepy mining towns to stop in at 500km

Constantly something interesting in the mirror ….

On the road pass we Sand Mountain, which virkelag was a sand mountain.
For those who wanted one could take a trip up and the pile was so large that one way count on an hour’s climb to the top.

We came to Reno where we would again stay at a Casino Hotel.

Reno city nigh from 19.etg.

This day had a short leg, so we decided to take a ride on carmuseum here in Reno.
It was one of the finest we’ve seen of the car museum!

Thomas the flyer, which drove around the world

We also wanted to see Virginia City. This is a great old western town where among other Bonnanza have used the city as the shooting location.
We were warned against the long and steep slopes of the city.

The Messerschmitt went quiet and nice all the way up until it was 5 meters to the highest point, then stopped.
It boiled in the fuel tank (that sits strategically positioned above the engine). So we pushed it the 5 meters past the tab, and rolled a few meters to the left again.

…. Some years since this was on the road.

We are now in Lake Tahoe in California, known as a winter resort and recreation area in the summer.

X-ing bears !!

Tomorrow we will go to Sakramento before we take the final stage of its way to San Francisco.

Ready for tire change 🙂

We did it !! We made it !!

  • 07/28/2013


Last part did go to San Francisco from Sacramento,  on busy highways.
Much stress driving and high speed.

Not everyone thought we ran fast enough, and from time to time there were some sirens and blue lights. (Under-speeding)

At Oakland Bridge (bridge with two floors) had to stop, because “an unknown object” found on the bridge.
They closed the all 8 fields in, and we were standing for an hour with news helicopters hovering above us, until the danger was over.

By endstation in Lincoln Park we were greeted with applause by some of the other participants.

Recent brand-stone had fotogaferes
Now, we are were the target is , for something under 6000km from our beginnings in New York. We did it !!

After “finish” we took a little trip out to the Golden Gate bridge, which was wrapped in fog as usual,

a trip downtown  before we were standing in the traffic jam on the way to the hotel.

Here one of the oldest cars, one prewar Plymouth, built in Kambo.

The clutch began to slip slightly nearing its end, but otherwise the car has just got a new exhaust gasket on the long trip.

Tonight was the final flow bancuet where ia we who drove two-stroke got standing appalus for well conducted tour.
We thanked politely for letting us be with the “big guys” on this trip, and said that we had noted that it all began with laughter when they heard we were going to participate with the Messerschmitt , but that laughter had turned to admiration, and the car has been a  mascot underway. We also stated for fun that we have spent a whopping $ 150 in gasoline for the entire trip from New York via Washington to San Francisco !!

Now the official LH2013 trip over, and tomorrow we deliver the car for repatriation in container, and we are moving toward LA and the flight home.

Thanks to everyone who made this trip possible and conduct, and to thank you who have followed us here on the blog.

Mary-Ann and Erik