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1956 Prima D:

1957 it was delivered in 2-color


NSU Prima D 1957


NSU Prima D from 1956 to 1960

The NSU Prima D corresponded technically largely to the last version of the Lambretta. It had a torsion-resistant steel tube frame and an all-steel body on rubber cushions with the free throughput typical of a motor scooter, a wide raised front shield and two vibration kits. The rear side panels were easy to loosen and remove with a rotating handle. As with the Lambretta, the engine was installed inside the fairing in front of the rear wheel. The rear wheel was guided on a swing arm with a screwed pressure spring and hydraulic shock absorber, the front wheel on a pulled short arm swing. The wheels were interchangeable, so that the standard spare wheel could be installed front and rear.

Instead of the Lambretta tube, the Prima had a profile press handelbar, into which the cables and bowden cables were concealed, a dashboard with a tachometer, a starter-light-ignition switch and a button for the starter flap and the gas-absorber. There was no time clock like the Lambretta. Furthermore, the Lambretta prima differed by ample chromium adornments and a unit of headlamp and horn combined in a chrome frame.

The engine was a fan-cooled, single-cylinder, two-stroke engine with a displacement of 146 cm³ and a power of 6.2 hp built into the frame. The three-speed gearbox was switched with a turning handle on the left of the handlebar. The rear wheel was driven via a multi-disc clutch, cardan shaft  and bevel gears. The top speed was 80 km / h, the climbing ability in the first gear was 31.5%

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The Lambretta version
Because of the Dynastarter, the NSU have a  batterybox in front, and the typical flat handlebar

Technische Daten[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]

NSU Prima Prima D Prima V Prima III Prima III K
Bauzeit 1956–1960 1957–1964 1957–1964 1958–1964
Motor Einzylinder-Zweitakt mit Gebläsekühlung
Hubraum 146 cm³ 175 cm³ 146 cm³
Bohrung × Hub 57 mm × 58 mm 62 mm × 57,6 mm 57 mm × 57,6 mm
Verdichtungsverhältnis 6,0 : 1 6,35 : 1 6,5 : 1
Leistung 6,2 PS (4,6 kW) bei 5200/min 9,5 PS (7,0 kW) bei 5200/min 7,7 PS (5,7 kW) bei 5200/min
Vergaser Bing AJ 1/16/38 Bing 1/24/112 Bing 1/22/105
Zündung Batterie, 6 V Batterie, 12 V Magnet, 12 V
Anlasser elektrisch Kickstarter
Getriebe 3-Gang
mit Drehgriffschaltung
mit Fußschaltwippe
Antrieb Kegelräder und Kardanwelle auf Hinterrad
Rahmen Rohrrahmen
Radaufhängung vorn gezogene Kurzarmschwinge
mit 2 Schraubendruckfedern
geschobene Langarmschwinge
mit Schraubenfeder, hydraulisch gedämpft
Radaufhängung hinten Schwingarm
mit 2 Schraubendruckfedern,
hydraulisch gedämpft
Triebsatzschwinge mit Schraubenfeder, hydraulisch gedämpft
Bremsen Trommelbremsen
Radstand 1240 mm 1230 mm
Länge × Breite × Höhe 1910 × 680 × 950 mm 1920 × 650 × 965 mm 1780 × 680 × 965 mm
Reifen 4,00 × 8 3,50 × 10
Tank 7,3 Liter 12 Liter
Leergewicht 123 kg 138 kg 131 kg
Höchstgeschwindigkeit 80 km/h 90 km/h 84 km/h
Verbrauch 100 km 2,7 Liter 2,5–3 Liter 2,5 Liter
Preis 1.595,00 DM (1956) 1.795,00 DM (1957) 1.648,00 DM (1959) 1.248,00 DM (1962)
Stückzahl 76.911 31.518 29.010 23.206



NSU Prima D Brochure 1957 (PDF)
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