About me

I’m Erik Gjermundsen born in 1959  and live in Fredrikstad, Norway and married with Mary-Ann.

My big(?) hobby is classic cars, and most of all really small cars.
I try to do the most of the work on the cars myself.
Motor-rebuilding, interior , electric , welding , chassisrepair and some painting.
My school and work background is in electronic business, who I worked as enginier in electronics for almost 20 years,
but last 10 years I’ve been  working with  car graphics. (www.autosign.no)

I started restoring my first car when I was 20 y.o.  (BMW 1952 who we still have)
and since then I have restored a lot of cars and bikes for myself .
The last years I have tried to make one new vehicle comming out of the garage every spring.

This is some of the classic cars where I have done a total restoring
1952 BMW
1938 Opel P4
1953 Morris Cowley Van
1925 Ford TT
1963 Opel Olympia
1961 VW Karman Ghia
1959 BMW Isetta   (X5)
1956 Messerschmitt
1959 FMR Messerschmitt
1962 Heinkel Trojan
1966 Goggomobil Coupe
1959 King (FKF)
1977 Toyota Celica
1958 NSU 125 SuperFox
1954 Heinkel Turist 150
1983 Honda Shadow Custom

+ a lot of vehicles who I just get a makeover or keept orginal

I’m  so lucky that my wife , children and friends also like these classic cars, so sometimes we all drive together like a swarm of cars on rallies , or just for fun.


Litt alvor må det også være plass til:
    “Hva var det egentlig som skjedde med deg i 2012 Erik?    Året som ble borte…”



56200-52118           TOY3E5
59198-1 7789          R1/R028 Dupont
59200-70242           VAG LY1A
59300-587044         TOY3E5 TOY040
62200-XB8820         603 1523098
66247-02254898     G3/G313  G2/G109mod
DKIS62  331078
DKIS60  605414