BMW 340-2

BMW 340-2 1952
Restored 1980-81

My first car , and still here!

In 1980 I buyed this BMW , and restored it same summer.
Since then the car had 100.000km with the family.
For this car I have tons of spareparts. (I have totaly disassembled 7 cars like this )

From the old album 1952:

From the restoring 1980 :

The History


After w.w.II BMW’s fist factory was in the DDR. The Soviet company Autowelo had taken over the factory who was bombed, but after some rebuilding it started already 1945 to build new cars .
The first model was the old 321

In October 1949 they finished the BMW 340.
It was built on the 326 model from before w.w.II.
The gyved the model a new front with the headlights integrated in the chassis, and integrated bumpers.
The front-doors is the same door as the 326, but with an welded “bulb” just for the design.The bonnet was pressed aluminum.

In the beginning of 1952 BMW in Munich was ready to introduce the new model 501 (who had the same 2litre engine as 340).

Autowelo had to change the name and was renamed in June 52 to EMW Eisenach Motoren Wercke. They also changed the color of the symbol from the Bayeriche blue-white to Türingens red-white at 40000.

at the

after World War II

Model 321
The fist model from Autowelo was the 321 who was the same car as before WW2:

1945:    68
1946: 1373
1947: 2053
1948: 2506
1949: 2750
1950:   250
Total: 9000

Model 340
4 door sedan

Closed delivery

Window delivery


It was produced 21249 p.c.
of the 340 models
It was exported over 19000
of the BMW/EMW’s included 321 and 327

Model 327

1948-1952 the BMW 327
was produced
and was almost the same car as before WW2.
1952 -1956 it was produced under the EMW name.

From the local newspaper in the early 80’s

From Denmark 1953 when the name has been change:


Technical hints BMW 340

Oil system

What about the oil-system on the BMW 340?

What is normal
The oil pressure on the 6 cylinder BMW motor should normally be with normal temperature on the engine:
30 km/t: 1k
60 km/t: 2k
90 km/t: 3k
The value is low limits!!
On the BMW / EMW it is a special type of oilfilter.
Every 5000 km it is necessary to remove the filter and clean it. Every time you change oil on the motor it is a good idea to to drain the filter for dirt. Simply remove the nut 8 and drain it. (Just remember it will take some seconds before you have a normal oilpressure again, so be carefully with the trottle when you start up.)
s_oilfil.gif (13581 bytes)The filters function is like this: The oilpressure from the pump come in (1) The oil will pass the filter normally here (2) and the cleaned oil go out no (3). On the top you see an arm who is connected to
the clutch -pedal and with the axe 5 it press the filter together (6) .
If the pressure come to high for the filter ( when you have an cold-start) the valve(9) open and make a by-pass..s_overpr.gif (6339 bytes)You will also find a high-limit valve for the oilpressure. It is placed on the left side of engine. If you remove this, make a note of how many turns you use
What type of oil
is best on the BMW?
Do NOT use a multigrade oil on the  this motor, you will get to low pressure when the engine are hot ! The best oil for these engine is singlegrade 40 or 50 if you have a well-used motor.
Witch type of oil
in the gearbox?
On gearbox on the BMW/EMW is it necessary to also use a singlegrade 50 motoroil. (Not gear-oil). That’s because you have the”free-wheel system”. If you use to thick oil, the gear will shock in after you have removed the leg from the clutch, and you can destroy the gearbox or/and the axles.
What about the central-oil system?On the central-oil system use a singlegrade 50 motoroil and press  the pump 2 times every 100 km.