King ( Fuldamobil)

The Fuldamobil S-7 was built in Germany in 1957 to 1969!!, but was also licensed to be built elsewhere.

This included Sweden, where the basic components were imported and a locally made Body and Chassis were used.

Initially called the FRAM KING FULDA (or FKF for short), the name was shortened to “KING” in 1959 apparently after complaints from bearing manufacturer: SKF.


Production in Sweden ended in 1962 after  411 cars had been produced

The metalframe, was buildt in Uppsala, and the fiberglas was made at the iskald Ven, and the car was assebled in Helsingborg
The microcar is light and very simple build.
The gearbox has no reverse, so to go backwords you have to stop the engine, and restart the whole motor the ather direction.
Then you have 4 gear backwords

From the factorys notice we found that our King is no. 220 of 411, and is made 12 dec. 1959 with engine no. 3030769
Color Red, with metallic badge and Swedish reg no. BKZ 715

The known owners:
1959–1989 ???
1990 Alf Petter Grünert Saltsjöbaden, Sverige
1995 Magne B. Henriksen , Horten  LK 6869
1996 Sebastian Enersen, Tjøme
Andres Slangsvold Eikum, R åde
2012 Erik Gjermundsen, Fredrikstad  B-59197

It was sold new in Sweden.  In 1995 it was imported  from Sweden to Horten in Norway together with a similar blue car.
It was then used as a everday-car for while, but was sold 3 or 4 times as pairs.
The blue one LH5470 was out of trafic in 2013, so our is the only one in trafic in Norway now.
The car was get single and was tried restored of the owner, but given up.
We got this King winter 2012,  and it was restored 2012-2013
The body and frame is in OK condition, but it was missing the seats, some windows and a lot of other parts.
The engine in this car is almost the same as used in the Messerschmitts, so that one was known, and needed only a light restoring.

Here’s some pics from the restoring:
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Here’s the



The Brands


The Fuldamobil is produced in different countries, and under different brands, here’s some of them:


Some information about the Norwegian factory (In Norwegian)

Klikk her og les den spennende og kanskje ukjente historien om
Bilfabrikken som forvant
et stykke ukjent Norsk bilhistorie

Karosserier på Horten havn

Sidene er klippet fra Tønsberg Automobilklubbs medlemsblad fra 2001
en takk til Fredrik Dybdal

Faksimile fra Bubblan om samme sak her


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