Our red/white Isetta was the first microcar in the family, restored in 1995, but still in very good shape
The whole collection of microcars startet with a hubcap for the Isetta. Before the Internett times, I collected every
Isetta part I found.  At last it was about seven complete cars


Heinkel vs Isetta

300ccm 1culinder 13 Hp



As experts can see it has rims from before 57 (Who could be splitted)

Look at the tag: It’s a Bmw 59 300.

After years with Isettas now we have a lot of other Isettas in the garage also, more or less complete
1958 300 (D)  4-wheeler green
1959 300 (UK) 3-wheeler blue
1959 300 (D)  4-wheeler  blue/white (spareparts)
1960 300 (UK) 3-wheeler red
60model German 3-wheeler      and     a 60model UK 3-wheeler (sold)

1961 UK 3 wheeler       1961 German

Orginal colors from 59. The two first could be combined with white