Messerschmitt has always been the King of microcars.
It was very hard to find one , and I was looking for one in 20 years before I got a wreck from Sweden .
It was in the garage for some years, and it was slowly more and more complete.
But one day it was another for sale in Norway, who was stripped down, but complete, and best of all , to a OK price, so we baught that also.
The second one (the one who get yellow) was more complete and we decided to restore that one first.  It was a time with paralell restoring in the garage, and they was on the road within 1 month interval. Since then they have been like sibling.
They have been running many km now, in Scandinavia, and everywhere we meet people , we see the smile!
The yellow one we shipped to New York in 2013. and used it for a trip on Lincoln Highway over to SanFrancisco. 6000 km with 2 persons  and some luggage with no mecanical trouble!  I don’t think it was possible to to that with any of the other microcars we have.

The pic on right is from the westcoast in Noway where it is a lot of uphill and downhills with a spectacular nature. We love it!



1956 KR200

This was the beginning  some rusty metalpieces and a aluminiumsframe

The first assembly test just for look what’s misssing

New flow and restored nose

The chassis on Messerschmitt has no frame, only a tube in the wall

Nest assembly before paintjob

Engine and reasaxel was compleat rebuilt

All parts was painted before it was assebled for the last time.

1959 FMR 200

This Messerschmitt was buyed in pieces.
It was under restoring when we bougt it, but here is how it was looking before

The chassis was already welded but it was some paint and  adlusting to do

All Messerschmitts after 1958 was black inside, not the outside color,

The nice job is to put things together carefully .


Here’s the car used on a theaterscene (was drivin’ over the scene)

Messerschmitt has basicly  made 3 baseversions of microcar. And they again in std, convertible and roadster.

KR 175
1953-1955   appr. 15.000

1955-1964 appr 30.000

1958-1961    320 made