The Museum

This museum is a private collection of microcars, scooters and some normalsized odd cars.
It is located at our farm in Degernes close to the RV 220, 40 km from the Swedish border.
We opened this place in 2019 and has free entrance .
In summer 2023 we normally has opening on sundays 12-18 , but you can also call 90194084 and get a exclusive opening.

We have a lot of microcars like Messersghmitt Heinkel BMW’s ….

Some of the motorbikes are really unusual
In front a Mustad Folkscooter and in the background the Messerschmitt who we crosserd the US ( NY to SF) in 2013
A selfmade camper in teardrop type. only 150kg
….some normal sized cars

Sinclair electric bike from 1985
The museum used as a party-place