The Museum

This museum is a private collection of microcars,scooters and some normalsized odd cars.
It is located at our farm in Degernes close to the mainroad 220, 40 km from the Swedish border.
We opened this place in 2019 and has free entrance .
We normally has opening on tuesdays 17-20 (with cars n’ coffee) , but you can also call 90194084 and get a exlusive opening.
Welcome to the museum
Our first microcar restored in ’96
The relax area
BMW 321 and 340
The Small Dream
Scooters from the 50’s
The 59 Messerschmitt who crossed the USA from NY to SF in 2013
Sinclair electric bike from 1985
Lot of mecanic gadgets
Messerschmitt stuff
Free Pinball 😉
Heinkel Trojan
Isetta stuff
The dreamcar from 1977
The museum used as a partyplace